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Why Zimbabwe?

  • Abundant mineral resources (platinum, gold, diamonds, nickel) and agricultural potential (maize, cotton, tobacco, sugar cane)
  • Significant opportunities in tourism
  • Strong opportunities for co-investment
Member Organisation


Employers Confederation of Zimbabwe

Members: 45 direct corporate members, 200 Affiliate Members, 6 Sector Apex Members

Labour Law Services: To provide leadership in the provision of advisory and consultancy services on labour and employment matters, including; collective Bargaining, Termination of employment & retrenchments, and drafting employment Codes of Conduct.

Training Programmes


- Advocacy and lobbying

- Advice on Labour Law

Fee Based

- Training



Name: John Mufukare

Role: Executive Director

Contact: Tel: + 263 4293 7587     Email: director@emcoz.co.zw

Background: John Mufukare has served as Executive Director of EMCOZ since 2000, previously serving as CEO of Business Unity South Africa.